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ModelTalker Speech Synthesizer

ModelTalker is a speech synthesis system designed specifically with the needs and interests of AAC device users in mind. What makes ModelTalker special is its use of a personalized voice in speech synthesis. It does this by using a database of recorded speech. The database is obtained by recording someone whose voice we wish to emulate. This person records a set of words and phrases using a sister software program called MT Voice Recorder.

We are currently in the process of transferring the ModelTalker technology from our laboratory to a small business for commercial distribution. The complete ModelTalker System is in the early stages of commercial development and we are actively seeking beta testers. At present, we are continuing to allow people to download and use the software free of charge to create their own personalized synthetic voice. However, there are two points we must emphasize:

  1. We cannot guarantee that anyone who uses this software will be successful in creating a usable synthetic voice. There are too many things that are completely outside our control that can go wrong when trying to create a voice.
  2. This is unsupported software that is still relatively early in its development cycle. Although we are happy to receive user input, and we do always try to answer questions, no formal user support is avaiable.

Understanding these limitations, if you are interested in trying this software as a test user, please visit ModelTalker download page:

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